Road work
March 23, 2002
I have never understood the method for working on the streets in Joplin. The ideology must be that one must begin work on several areas to congest traffic to the point where one feels that he or she is in a thriving metropolis, like St. Louis or Kansas City, during rush hour.

Yesterday, a trip down Rangeline, that should have taken ten minutes, took over twenty, because traffic from about Newman to 7th Street was in a virtual standstill. Road crews have been working in this area since about last fall. They have made a lot of progress. However, recently they tore up the area near 20th and Rangeline. The whole purpose of road work there is to straighten out 20th, however, before work seriously can begin, Travetti's has to be torn down. Last Saturday, I had dinner there; it is hardly ready to be bulldozed.

Maybe, if construction were concentrated in one area at a time, projects could be completed, and traffic would have the opportunity to move more freely.

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