Kudos to Pro Musica et al
June 26, 2011
To the editor:

Thank you for reminding me of the Pro Musica Pops Concert.

It was awesome in a very special way. There was a palpable feeling of the spirit of the audience, of the essence of what Joplin is. The collective appreciation of Warrensberg's sophisticated arrangements were like salve to the soul of our community. It was a sensitive concert: understated, quiet, subtle. It was absolutely perfect for its audience, the night, and the mood.

My guest, from Chicago, commented on the atmosphere, on its calmness. Just as the band played selections from Porgy and Bess, the sky turned an unusual deep teal blue. Well, Kim Kissenger, stopping by our blanket for a glass of chardonnay, said it was Prussian Blue. I defer to her color analysis.

Superb musical arrangements earmarked the concert, along with an empathetic but upbeat tone. Kudos to Warrensberg Community Band, and Pro Musica!

Adele Thompson, Joplin

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