Pay the taxpayers, not Wall Street
October 10, 2008
To the editor:

I have written e-mails and made phone calls to the White House and to Congress. I would like to know why our government continues to exclude the average American citizen instead of including us??

I was sent an e-mail sometime back about the $700 billion buyout. It said that the government could give that same amount to American people, tax them on it, and each person would still receive approximately $250,000. Now that would be a long term economic stimulator.

Then I thought, well, not everyone would use that money wisely. They may have addictions (alochol,drugs, gambling) that shouldn't be supported. And then it hit me. We all have a credit report. If every person were to receive $250,000, they could look at each person's credit report and say, ok, John Doe, you still owe $45,000 on your mortgage and you owe another $12,000 on your car and you are $23,000 in debt for credit cards and you have $6,000 in student loans; so, John Doe, we are going to take $86,000 of your $250,000 to pay off your debt.

If they did this, the average working class citizen would be given financial freedom like he's never known before. We would be given the ability to actually work to live instead of living to work.

The government would still be accomplishing the same thing. The mortgage companies would still be bailed out, banks would be saved, and money for more student loans would be available and the AMERICAN CITIZENS that are trying to live paycheck to paycheck and still ending every month in the hole could actually enjoy life again spending our hard earned money on a vacation to Disneyland (even a trip to Silver Dollar City would be great), start a savings account that has more than fifty cents in it, and even start college funds for our children.

I don't know of anyone that isn't struggling right now and could just use some help getting out of the hole. I realize that most people would run right back out and get right back into debt; however, some people are once bitten twice shy.

Just to clarify, someone I was talking to about this said they heard that each person would only end up with like $450.00 dollars based on last year's census that tallied over 300 million people in the US.

I would like for someone to explain to me why this wouldn't work even if they gave each household $250,000 and not each individual. If they want long term economic growth why not put a little more Miracle Grow on the garden that pays most of the taxes???.... The every day working class!!!

Amanda Ball,
Carthage, MO

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