Right-to-lifers and small business support Jackson
July 10, 2006
The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) and Missouri Right to Life are both showing support for the candidacy of Colonel Jack Jackson for State Auditor, according to an announcement from the Jackson camp.

The NFIB. as well as the Missouri Chamber of Commerce, recognized Missouri State Representative Jackson (R-Wildwood) for having a 100 percent voting record over the past two years. The business group issued a statement saying it does “not take this accomplishment lightly.” NFIB says Jackson’s voting record shows a “deep commitment to the survival and success of Missouri’s small business economy” and that his support was vital for the passage of workers compensation and unemployment reform, major changes to tort law and relieving the regulatory burden on small business-owners.

The Missouri Right to Life group issued Jackson’s campaign its official endorsement saying it “represents our selection of you as an effective voice for the protection of innocent human life”. Missouri Right to Life, which represents more than 250,000 Missourians, said in its release: “The election of pro-life candidates is of the utmost importance.”

The Republican primary for state auditor offers a selection of candidates. Besides Jackson, who is a retired U.S. Marine Corps veteran, they include two Missouri General Assemblymen, Rep. Mark Wright of Springfield and Sen. John W. Loudon of Chesterfield; Al Hanson of Concordia; and Platte County Auditor Sandra Thomas of Kansas City. Hanson, a felon who now runs a prison ministry, won the 2002 Republican primary but was disavowed by the party.

The Democratic candidates are Susan Montee and Darrell Wattenbarger. The Libertarian candidate is Charles W. Baum of University City.

Claire McCaskill, a Democrat and incumbant auditor, hopes to unseat first term Senator Jim Talent, a Republican.

The Missouri primary election is August 8, 2006.

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