Stop griping, start acting on environmental issues
September 24, 2006
...Why are we so content to be the “silent majority” about any issue going on in our part of the world or the bigger arena? Why don’t we push for some zoning laws designating what lands should be agricultural, or commercial, lands that are not in areas affected by water run-off. Every time I bring up zoning, it's as if I just burned the flag; the answer I keep getting back is: it’ll never pass here­--too many “good old boys”. Would someone please tell me what that means????

I love eating eggs and chicken. I’d be willing to pay a few cents more for food if it meant more safe/clean water for drinking and playing. But instead of looking at the big picture we seem to be saying just stop. Since I don’t want to feel guilty about eating my chicken, I’ve been buying a product that is a fertilizer made from chicken litter. My tomatoes this year were productive and great tasting. Did you buy this product or just use Miracle Grow?

We can help solve the problem if we look for ways to help with the elimination of the problem. The industry will always be there. The question is ­how do we help move it into the 21st century?

I’m probably one of the biggest proponents for “clean water” you’ll ever find. So please don’t send me hate messages for stating my opinion regarding the chicken industry; I’m not supporting their current practices. I really think we’ve just not helped find the solution or asked the right people to work on it.

Did you know that the more shoreline plants we can plant in any lake/body of water will help with the problem? The plants will take up the excess nutrients. Next time [an agency] has a planting day, volunteer to help. I remember when we successfully stopped dolphins from being netted with tuna. It was the fishing industry who finally worked to solve that problem. I really don’t remember the details of how it was accomplished, but I do remember it was a grass roots effort and I remember we only bought tuna that read, “Dolphin safe”.

I’ll end with a quote from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale: “Stop wasting your mental energy on gripes and post-mortems, and start thinking about what to do now. Amazing things happen when you think constructively.”

Commentary by Deborah Wolek of Oklahoma's Grand Lake area

Editor's note: Deborah Wolek's comments, edited in part, were taken from a Waterbug forum. We agree with Wolek. In this area there appears to be more whining than action.

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