CAFOs: the complacent smell of money
October 23, 2007
To the editor:

It's wishful thinking to hope there will be a national moratorium on factory farms.

On the editorial page of the Omaha World Herald Ann Marie Kuehler from Hartington wrote the following to the 'Public Pulse' entitled "Let's work on smell":

Hartington, NE is surrounded by confined animal feeding operations. And now another large unit is proposed for an area in which people already have health issues. This unit is 1 1/2 miles south of town.

When anyone mentions the smell in town, most people don't seem concerned. They just say we will get used to this smell just like we got used to all the other smells. But they don't think of the smell when people from neighboring towns visit for a sporting event and ask about the awful smell.

They do not realize all the air pollutants that exist, like dust particles and toxins, the ammonia, the hydrogen sulfide and the antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The health risks increase when pollutants get into the ground water. The health risks are spread to neighbors, other farms and people who work in these units or have to put up with it.

I believe that God destroyed the Earth twice, once with fire and the other time by water. He said that man is going to destroy the Earth. We're off to a good start.

Alice Holtz

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