Bob Dylan revisited
August 30, 2005
To the editor:

A generation ago Bob Dylan asked, "How many deaths will it take 'til they know that too many people have died?" Dylan's question, resonating through America, helped support our troops by bringing them home from harm's way and ending the Vietnam War. Today, the Gold Star Families for Peace, families of soldiers killed in Iraq, are asking a similar question. Today, the "they" refers to George Bush, Dick Cheney and our elected representatives in Washington.

We now know much that we previously only suspected. We know that the Bush Administration were committed to the invasion immediately after 9-11 even though officials knew that Iraq and Saddam Hussein were not involved.

We know that contrary to constant claims from the White House, Iraq had no nuclear capability, no weapons of mass destruction, and was not promoting terrorism. We also know that the Iraqi people do not welcome U.S. forces as liberators but view us as occupiers.

We also know that far from contributing to a war on terrorism, the Iraq invasion has encouraged disaffected youths to join al Qaeda and other terrorist groups and, thus, has promoted global terrorism.

Rather than cling to the same discredited lies and distortions about the war, our elected representatives should seek a strategy that could end hostilities in the Middle East and allow our troops to come home safely. Sacrificing more of our brave service men and women cannot serve this objective. We need a genuine multi-national peacekeeping force that might enjoy the confidence of Iraqis rather than their resentment.

Alan Journet Ph.D.
Dept. of Biology and Environmental Science Program
Southeast Missouri State University
Cape Girardeau, MO

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