Voter citicizes use of party ballots
August 03, 2010
To the Editor,

I am writing this letter concerning the voting process in the state of Missouri. Therefore, I am writing to the people of Missouri and every state in the United States, if your state is like mine.

I went to vote today and when I got there I was told that I had to vote Republican if I wanted to vote for those running for state offices, Democrat if I wanted to vote for local races in Kennett, MO. They also had an Independent and Conservative ballot, all having Proposition C on them.

I was enraged. I was being told that I had to vote a certain way. People, it is our right as citizens of this country to vote for whom we want and not which party ballot we have to use. The state of Missouri legislators are the ones that set the rule that voting ballots are to be set up in this fashion. You have to believe their tactic in doing this is that they know many people will want to vote in the local election; therefore, they will be sure that the people they want in office will be elected to run in the general election or win the general election.

Well, needless to say, I DID NOT VOTE TODAY. This is the first election I have refused to vote in since I started voting and I am 57 years old. I will not be told which party or whom I can or cannot vote for, whether it is a primary or

general election. IT IS MY RIGHT AND YOURS TO VOTE FOR THE CANDIDATE WE FEEL IS BEST SUITED FOR THE JOB! I know I cannot complain if who I think is the wrong person for the job gets into office or gets to be on the ballot in the general election.

This law must be changed! In my opinion, all names should be on one ballot, whether Republican, Democrat, Independent, or conservative on one state ballot and one local ballot. Moreover, if the names are on a state ballot and on a local ballot, we as voters should be able to use both of them if we choose to.

I know that voting has been this way for some time, but I am sick and tired of it. Why have we let the state take our right to vote as we see fit away from us? The voters of Missouri and other states need to think about this. Remember it is our constitutional right to vote as we feel.

Thank you,
Amenda Alexander
Kennett, MO

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