Personals: Join the St. Louis Rams fan site
July 29, 2010
"Rams on Demand" ( is a new site dedicated to loyal, die hard fans of St. Louis Rams football. It offers 24/7/365 coverage and fan feedback. Registered members are able to post to threads and forums, start discussions, and connect with other Rams fans. The site has a growing base of registered members and has garnered nearly 5,000 posts since its inception in June 2010.

A feature of the site is "The Blog" with remarks by Joey Bittick (formerly of St. Ann, MO), as well as other contributors. It offers insight into hot topics surrounding the NFL and the Rams and includes interviews and Q & A with notable sports personalities, most recently former Ram "Burnin' Vernon" Turner and Russ Hafferkamp, founder and CEO of the Athlete Career Network, Inc. and author of CareerBall: The Sport Athletes Play When They're Through Playing Sports. Former Ram defensive end Grant Wistrom, as well as current Rams players Keenan Burton and Chris Chamberlain have agreed to participate in future interviews.

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