Where was due process in Ferguson?
August 16, 2014
To the editor:

The shooting in Ferguson, Missouri of the 18-year-old unarmed black male by a policeman is an example of a lawman doing the opposite of what is expected of a lawman--that is, to protect the people and the community from harm. If the witnesses that witnessed that murder are telling the truth, the victim (the 18-year-old) was fatally harmed by an officer of the law that delivered several shots to him with his hands up in the air; the victim was executed.

To add more injury to harm, the Missouri Ferguson Police Department seems to be protecting the offender, the officer that murdered the victim.

Flip the above true scenario around to a hypothetical situation: If a black police officer in Ferguson committed the above crime, shot and killed an unarmed white 18-year-old with his hands in the air, it is my belief along with many others in this country, that the black police officer would now be in custody in Ferguson, Missouri and the Ferguson Police Department would be separating itself from this criminal act rather than trying to justify it.

In America, we are not living in a dictatorship, we are living in a democracy; everyone has the right to due process. Michael Brown (the victim) was deprived of that right when Darren Wilson (the Ferguson police officer) shot and killed him with his hands up in the air.

Alfred Waddell, West Barnstable, MA

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