Government's role should protect life
September 11, 2005
The European states have a long history, including good and bad times, economic rise and political descent. These past experiences left traces behind affecting our current society and culture. We learned to form our decisions after much circumspection, sometimes with too much hesitation and melancholy.

The American way of life often seems paradoxical to us. We are amazed every time by the incredible effort people make to band together to help each other in the face of every natural or social catastrophe. The worse the American society has been hit, the more the people move together. Be sure to have our highest respect!

But didn’t we have to learn in dealing with the aftermath of Katrina, that the virtues of sympathy and helpfulness are not all that is needed to ensure security and stability to those in need? This to ensure is the duty of the State.

A modern democractic government has to be aware of its responsibilities in maintaining a working infrastructure and disaster protection for its people. Those are not the responsibilities of private persons.

Sadly, the Western World is more and more willing to accept social injustice and manifest inequality. It is ruled by politicians who don't understand the definition and duty of government and don’t take their obligations seriously.

New Orleans passed through two disasters: one was the hurricane and the other was the incredible failure of the State. Every government all over the world should accept its obligation to protect human life.

There’s a right time for everything. May be this is the time to change.

Commentary by Beatrice Osage

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