Men arrested on child porn charges
January 30, 2009
Detectives with the Joplin Police Department, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, Barry County Sheriff’s Office and Cassville Police Department executed a search warrant at 4896 E. Wellridge Lane #11 in Joplin on Wednesday, March 4, 2009. The search warrant was the result of an investigation conducted by the Joplin Police Department Cyber Crimes Detective regarding the possession or distribution of child pornography.

The Joplin Cyber Crimes Detective was assisted in executing the search warrant by Cyber Crimes Detectives with the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, Barry County Sheriff’s Office and the Cassville Police Department. Arrested at the residence was 53 year old James E. Masters. Masters is currently being held at the Jasper County Jail pending charges.

Sira Noitip, 36, pictured, an immigrant from Thailand who is in the United States on a tourist visa was arrested at 2408 E. 10th St., Joplin, on January 29, 2009, on charges of possession of child pornography and distribution of child pornography. The Office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been notified and has placed a detainer to hold Noitip so they his visa may be revoked. The United States Attorney’s Office in Springfield is filing charges. Noitip will be transferred into federal custody on Monday and taken before the federal magistrate in Springfield.

Nicholas B. Green, 30, pictured, was arrested January 15, 2009, after detectives with the Joplin Police Department, the Barry County Sheriff's Department and the Cassville Police Department--all members of the Missouri Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force--executed a search warrant at 804 S. Harlem in Joplin. Green was charged with possession of child pornography, possession of a controlled substance and possession of marijuana.

Both search warrants were the result of at least month-long investigations regarding the distribution of child pornography conducted by the Joplin cyber crimes detective. Funded by a grant from the state of Missouri, the cyber crimes detective is a newly generated position for the Joplin Police Department.

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