Warning system is updating database
June 04, 2009
The Jasper County Citizen Notification Partnership Reverse 911 system, is asking citizens, if appropriate, to provide cellular or VoIP phone numbers for its database. One of its capabilities is to manually add a phone number to an address that currently does not have an existing land-line associated with it. The system has been set up to communicate emergency notifications to affected areas and needs contact information for each address.

While TTY phone numbers may be in the database, emergency services says it does not know which phone numbers are TTY compatible. This information also needs to be relayed to them.

Participation is voluntary in registering cellular, VoIP or TTY telephone numbers and no number will not be shared for any other purpose. Of course, the Jasper County Citizen Notification Partnership is not responsible for any charges that may be incurred as a result of receiving these alerts.

Due to any unforeseen problems that a large scale community emergency could create, the agency warns that they cannot guarantee timely notifications by phone. Should such a situation arrive, it is important that citizens continue to monitor other public safety warning systems whenever possible. It is important that you avoid calling 9-1-1 unnecessarily. Whenever possible, an alternate phone number or instructions will be provided for any questions.

Joplin residents who wish to register their cell phone or VoIP numbers with the updated Reverse 911 system should now go here.

Registration forms also are available at the Joplin Police Department located at 303 E 3rd St., and the Joplin Police South Station, located at 115 E 34th St. Remember that if you already have a business or home phone number, other than a TTY enhanced phone, no further action is needed.

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