Cpl Henderson exonerated in suspect shooting
September 10, 2009
The Missouri State Highway Patrol notified the Joplin Police Department today that it had completed its preliminary investigation. The investigation concluded that Corporal Brian Henderson acted in accordance with Missouri State use of force law in the shooting of David Bogard.

At the time of the shooting Bogard could have been charged with felony eluding and 1st degree assault on a law enforcement officer. Other charges would have also been filed subsequent to further investigation.

On 09/06/09 at 9:36 p.m. Henderson attempted to stop a vehicle on suspicion of drunk driving in the area of 15th and Connecticut in Joplin. The vehicle attempted to elude him and a short vehicle pursuit ensued.

The suspect vehicle encountered a dead end street at 30th and New Hampshire. At that point Bogard fled on foot from the vehicle and Henderson gave chase.

A short time thereafter Bogard sprayed mace on Henderson and began to assault him. During the assault Henderson fired three rounds, two of which struck Bogard and killed him.

The final report from the highway patrol will not be complete until lab results, toxicology and ballistics reports have been completed. This process could take several more weeks.

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