Joplin Police Blotter: Shooting in Newton County
March 04, 2010
UPDATE: Victim still in critical condition

The suspect in a late night shooting Wednesday has been officially charged.

Nathan R Spencer, age 18, of Joplin, pictured at left, has been charged with 1st degree assault and armed criminal action. Newton County has set bond at $100,000. The victim has been identified as Andrew Yaple, age 22, of Carl Junction.


Joplin Police responded to a call of a shooting in the area of 41st and Joplin streets at 10:30 p.m. yesterday (03/03/2010). Police arrived and found a victim who had been shot numerous times. The victim was transported to a local hospital by ambulance where he is currently in critical condition.

The suspect had fled the scene before police arrived, but was located later in the evening and is currently in custody at the Joplin city jail.

The suspect and victim had met at the Mays Drug Warehouse parking lot on South Main Street for the purpose of drag racing. After they both arrived a disturbance between the two broke out and carried over to the area of 41st and Joplin streets, where the suspect approached the victimís vehicle and fired several rounds at the victim.

Names of the involved are currently being retained until further investigation has been completed. As the investigation progresses more information will be released.

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