Joplin Police Blotter: Helicopter surveillance
June 29, 2010
Over this past weekend there was a multi-agency task force that conducted a highly concentrated enforcement detail on Friday, June 25, 2010. The task force consisted of motorcycle and marked vehicles from the Joplin Police Department, Jasper County Sheriff’s Office, and Missouri State Highway Patrol. The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s helicopter also was used during this operation.

The purpose of the detail was the reduction of injury and fatality crashes involving motorcycles by focusing on aggressive operation of all vehicles that are shown to be causes for such crashes. The helicopter was utilized as a “spotter” which would allow ground units another set of eyes to watch for violations. There were a total of 17 law enforcement Officers involved in this detail which was conducted in the northwest portions of the city of Joplin and Jasper County.

During the detail there were 133 vehicles stopped. There were four D.W.I arrests made, and nine other arrests for warrants and other violations. Ninety-two warnings were issued for moving violations and equipment violations, and 88 traffic citations were issued.

Corporal Haskins of the Joplin Police Department stated, “We want all motorists to be more alert drivers, and to watch for motorcycles. When there is a motorcycle involved crash, the operator of the motorcycle has a much greater chance of serious injuries, because they do not have all the protection a passenger car provides. So we all need to do our part in watching for motorcycles.”

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