Buchanan criticizes Suspect Zero plot
August 27, 2004
Alamagordo, NM - Contrary to the story line in the new movie Suspect Zero, learning remote viewing doesn't open up a doorway that can't be closed.

Remote viewing is a scientifically developed method to mentally access information about distant places, people and events. It was first developed in the 70s by Standford Research Institute under a contract from the CIA to counter Russian psychic spies. The program was kept secret until 1995 when one of the remote viewers broke the silence with a book on the program. Shortly after the book came out the CIA shut down the program and tried to discredit it. Inside sources claim that parallel programs were not shut down and the technology was further refined and moved deeper within the intelligence community.

Sure, we viewed some really horrible things and were emotionally affected by what we saw, but it didn't cause anyone to stay connected to the events. It certainly didn't cause anyone to go around killing people, like in the movie. There are specific procedures to disconnect and de-contaminate from any person you have accessed. It is called "detoxification". It is standard and one of the most important parts of the process.

Remote Viewing is something that almost anyone can do to improve their lives and the world around them. We use it successfully to help find missing children, to help save the lives of our military personnel overseas, to help businessmen, archeologists, and many other real-life applications.

Imagine a world with no secrets... and you can imagine why certain people don't want citizens learning and practicing remote viewing. Suspect Zero portrays remote viewing as something it isn't and may discourage people from learning a valuable skill that could help change the world for the better.

Editor's note: We hesitated running this item submitted by Lyn Buchanan. The author of The Seventh Sense seems not to be without controversy himself, albeit old news. However, since the movie Suspect Zero starring Aaron Eckhart is being shown in theatres today, we thought what Buchanan is saying might be of interest. Buchanan purports to be one of the U.S. government's remote viewers and trainer for the remote viewing program for the last 7 years prior to retirement. BTW, the trailer for the movie is quite haunting. Perhaps, someone will send us a review.

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