Crowder paramedic program challenges students
February 24, 2010
Twelve of the 13 Crowder College paramedic students qualified to take the 2009 National Registry Examination scored a pass rate of 91% overwhelmingly topping the national pass rate average of 72%. One has yet to take the test.

Kristin Spencer, paramedic instructor/program coordinator, was thrilled to know that her students performed so well on the test: “Because the paramedic program is accelerated, it necessarily follows that it is also a highly challenging program. Every student had to work extraordinarily hard in accomplishing their goal in becoming a licensed paramedic, and I am very proud of each and every one of them,” she said.

What is equally significant is that the Crowder program has a 100 percent hire rate.

"Because paramedics graduates are entering a field where there is a high demand for qualified applicants, the hiring eligibility is just about guaranteed once licensure has been obtained," Spencer added.

A paramedic student must first be an emergency medical technician (the lowest licensure required to work on an ambulance), have an up-to-date CRP card and take an anatomy and physiology course from an accredited institution. Crowder has an anatomy and physiology class (EMTP-299) that is three (3) credit hours that is designed specifically for paramedic students and taught by a paramedic.

The accelerated 27-week program at Crowder College on the Neosho campus begins in January. It also includes 300 hours of hospital time and 400 hours of field rotations to hone students' skills and prepare them for the demands of the job. The curriculum exceeds the requirements of the Missouri Department of Transportation and Bureau of Emergency Management Services.

For more information about enrollment contact Spencer at (417) 455-5505 or send an e-mailhere.

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