Tornado shelter is planned in Webb City
June 12, 2012
The Crowder College administration is working with Paragon Architecture Inc. of Springfield, Missouri on a design for a project that will include a tornado safe room at Crowder's Webb City campus location. This step came after FEMA gave approval to move forward.

The FEMA structure with $1,150,411 in construction costs paid by FEMA and $383,470 paid by Crowder will be about 8,700 square feet with the safe room portion of the building capable of containing 1375 people, including students, staff and community members within a 1/2 mile radius. Crowder plans to expand the project to include additional parking, a non-FEMA addition and renovation of the existing facility.

Design for the project on each phase must be submitted and approved by FEMA/SEMA for release of the funding. The timeline for the project would have phase 1 construction beginning in September 2012, with construction on phase 2 to begin in Spring 2013. Renovation of the existing building would start once phase 2 is completed.

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