Humphreys challenge is met
June 07, 2011
The Satterlee family of Joplin met the challenge of David and Debra Humphreys and donated $250,000 to the Joplin Schools. This means that the Humphreys who previously donated $250,000 will donate $250,000 more, bringing their total to $500,000.

“Joplin Schools is humbled by the support from the Satterlee family, the Humphreys family and families throughout the world,” comments Dr. C.J. Huff, Superintendent of Joplin Schools. “This support enables us to ensure our staff and students have the tools needed to succeed in the coming year and beyond.”

The combined donations of the Humphreys and Satterlee families totaled $750,000.00 for the Joplin Schools Tornado Relief Fund. This fund will be used to remove the obstacles that stand of the way of teachers being able to teach and children being able to learn by providing them the basic educational materials and support they need. This could include, but not be limited to, things such as food, clothing, shelter, after school care, school supplies, classroom materials and student transportation to and from school related events.

“Our family has lived, worked and been educated in this city for over 100 years,” commented Susan Satterlee. “We believe the key to the rebirth of our community lies with the school district rebuilding stronger than it was on May 22.”

The Satterlees and the Humpreys are prominent members of the Joplin business community. The Satterlees own a plumbing company, the Humphreys own TAMKO, a roofing materials company.

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