Defeating the Empire
February 22, 2004
The increasingly rapid slide of the United States into a New Roman Empire over the past 40 years, has had many facets. Like Rome, we've shut down our industry and farms. Like Rome, we've turned the bulk of the world into satrapies, providing us with goods produced with slave labor. Like Rome, we've engaged in innumerable military actions to keep "order."

But most distressing and damaging, has been the fact that our citizens have become like degenerate Romans, obsessed with entertainment and consumption, and living for the moment. It's not for nothing that the sports stadiums of today are now beginning to rival in size, those of the Roman Empire.

But, just as the citizen has become the prop of the Empire, so the revolt of the citizen can pull the props out from under it. If you, the citizen, refuse to enter the Colosseum, and watch the spectacles; if you refuse to tolerate politics as bloodsport; if you demand instead a political process dominated by intelligent debate and deliberation--this Roman Empire can be laid low.

The fundamental difference between an empire and a republic, after all, is the way in which the individual man or woman living in it, defines him or herself. If someone believes he is nothing but a beast, he will accept being treated as one--up to the very point of slaughter. If a person insists on seeing himself as a human being, with the dignity befitting an individual made in the image of the Creator, then no matter how poorly he or she is treated, that person will have the potential to topple the oppressor.

YOU hold the key to getting politics out of the Roman Colosseum. Use your right while you can.

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