Just who's the big spender?
October 02, 2008
To the Editor:

If you think of Democrats as “tax and spend," just remember that Clinton handed the Republican administration a $236 billion surplus which they turned into a $482 billion deficit, including two recessions, and a $10.8 trillion national debt. Their policies of deregulation, little oversight, and allowing jobs and profits to be shipped off-shore or abroad, has created a trade imbalance of more than $800 billion, with 2/3 of US corporations paying no Federal income tax. Most of the figures presented by the White House don’t even include the long-term cost of this unnecessary war in Iraq.

The Republican mantra of “keep money flowing to the rich and it will trickle down to you” has finally brought us to the edge of a depression. This is a party of “borrow and spend”, and your credit card got billed for $33,000 per household. And this doesn’t include the latest Wall Street parachute. (Of course, if you’re very rich and own oil stocks, you wouldn’t really care.) With your job, your house, your retirement, and the future of your children at stake, we have to stop the Republican party from picking our pockets and leaving us in the dust of their mismanagement!

Charles Ford
Warrensburg, MO

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