Better screening needed for immigrants
April 05, 2009
To the editor:

The recent killings of 13 people by Vietnamese immigrant Jiverly Voong in Binghamton points to the need to more stringent screening of those who would live in our country.

When immigrants were brought in through Ellis Island, they were carefully checked for criminal background, ability to assimilate, and health including mental health. Now they are not.

In Voong the murderer, we find a man who was one of the Vietnamese boat people. He had been in this country 28 years and he still could not or would not speak English. Apparently he was teased about his poor English so, instead of leaving, he decided to kill.

When the boat people were let into this country, there was very little checking done as they were believed to be coming for political asylum. As a result, some were enemy Vietcong, some were Vietnamese Mafia, and one of them was Jiverly Voong, who just killed 13 people in a town in New York state.

Carl R. Goodwin II, Norwalk, OH

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