Government workers' fair share
April 06, 2011
To the editor:

I see in the paper that the state is in financial trouble. The reason for this is failure to carry the global economy to its logical conclusion.

In 1994, Congress approved NAFTA and President Bill Clinton signed the bill. In 2000, Congress approved Most Favored Nation status for China, and President Clinton signed it.

This was followed by a rush of jobs to China and Mexico, manufacturing jobs that formerly employed American production workers.

But then progress stopped. Only the workers in the private sector were called upon to achieve the economies promised by the global economy. No government workers were included.

Imagine the savings that could be enjoyed if we were paying government workers what we are paying manufacturing workers, namely nothing. In China, prisoners do the work. They are paid nothing, they have no health care and no pensions.

Some of the states that have gotten themselves into financial trouble are going to have to consider this. When they ship their own government jobs to the same place that they shipped private industry, we will erase those deficits quickly.

Carl R. Goodwin, Loveland, CO

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