Aaron, the big disappointment
February 25, 2003
I would think that Missouri would be ashamed of this home grown tomato. Everything about his personality on The Bachelor is totally in reverse in real life.

For someone who pretended to be such a sweet romantic that worried tremendously over hurting someone's feelings on the show is a complete farce in real life. He fooled a lot of people when the show aired but after it was over and he had his "trophy," all he could think about was I, I, me, me, Trollups, Trollups, (of course, we all know that was the only reason he went on the show - to promote Trollups).

He never had any intention of trying to make a relationship work. I was always told the "proof was in the pudding" and it doesn't take a Philadelphia lawyer to figure that out.

I personally will be glad when I never have to hear his name again - please God let that be soon - because the way he finally "ended it", with his Playboy bunny, and the way he conducted himself on the last Tell All Show finished him off. His gig is up - kaput - finished.

He has been pathetic in attempting to stay in the spotlight in one way or the other, and it has backfired on him. Just put this down in your journal and mark the page. One day Helene will get her just dues. You know the old saying, what goes around, comes around. He will get his, and she will get what she deserves. It certainly isn't that worthless jerk.

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