Military retirees seek legislation
April 09, 2004
Military retirees and widows have been wronged! The U.S. government has dishonored her warriors by reneging on our life-time, earned medical care and it's past time to right the wrong. The medical care contract was offered, it was accepted, fulfilled, but when due it is denied.

Col. Bud Day, Medal of Honor recipient, former POW, has taken the fight to the U.S. Congress to gain legislation that will restore the medical care that was earned and promised military members who fulfilled a 20-year obligation. Only the most uncivilized, barbaric, and selfishly-focused nation would send its citizens into harm's way, ask them to risk or lose life and limb, and then renege on commitments made to them. If our nation stands for this immoral treatment of our warriors who offer their lives for the freedom we possess, then the future well-being of our country is clearly in jeopardy.

Politicians favoring huge tax cuts for the rich; $29.9 billion in "pork" dollars, up 13% from last year; foreign aid; tax shelters for 63% of U.S. corporations, and 73% of U.S. based foreign business (both of which never paid a dime in taxes during 2003) over honoring warrior-sacrificers of life and limb is a most egregious condition. Congress must be made aware of the public disgust surrounding this gross injustice.

If you agree with our nothing! If you disagree, and think the veterans and their widows deserve better, contact your Congressional representative and ask that they support and pass these two bills:

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