True Joplinite defined
August 15, 2007
You know that you're a true Joplinite when.....

You won your clock radio at Aladdin’s Castle in the Northpark Mall.
You used to do all your grocery shopping at Smitty’s on tree-lined 32nd St.
You thought you’d die if you couldn’t cruise Main St. on Friday and Saturday nights.
You attended a True Love Waits Rally at Memorial Hall.
You knew that more people came to see the Joplin High School Marching Eagles light show than to watch the football game.
You saw Rod Smith play at Southern.
You hate it when people call the street "Schiffindecker" and that it could lead to "Wal-Marts."
You've driven past the old Kentucky Fried Chicken sign on Main St. seeing the bowl full of pigeons.
You can still sing the Continental Auto Mall song.
You still swear up and down that you know someone who knows someone who’s seen the Spooklight.
You've attended at least one karaoke night at Murphy's on St. Patrick's Day.
You remember when Wok 'N Roll was at the mall and you had to meet one of your parents at the Garfield's entrance by 9 p.m.
You knew that you never had to attend a high school reunion because everyone always ended up at Champs.
You went to Wilder’s on prom night.
The biggest rivalry was still just between North and South.
You actually did your school research at the Joplin Public Library.
You called 92.5 to give a shout out to all the girls/guys in the room at your slumber party.
You know about a Skelley.
You went to The Bridge before it was cool.
You remember the neighborhood where the Northpark Crossing is now.
The best part about reading the Joplin Globe is finding all the misspellings.
You can admit that the Rosedale Swim Club was overrated – but you were thrilled to go anyway.
You don’t know why you have never fallen down the patio stairs at the Kitchen Pass.
And you still consider Date Night Tuesdays but now because you can get dinner at Subway for $2.99 and go to Cinema 6 for a $.50 a ticket.

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