Police Blotter: Suspect in robberies apprehended
October 16, 2009
The Neosho Police Department received a call of a robbery at the US Bank on Neosho Blvd. shortly before noon on October 15, 2009. The suspect had taken an undeterminded amount of cash from the bank employees at gun point before fleeing in a white Cheverolet Lumina. The vehicle was located by Officer Johnny Humphries south of the bank location parked in the area of Route 60 and Highway 71 south. With the assistance of Corporal Bobby Brown and Officer Brandon Beshears Humphries was able to disarm the suspect with the use of a taser. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to the Newton County Jail. It was remarkably eight minutes from the time of the robbery to the time of the arrest.

The Joplin Police Department was notified by the Neosho Police Department that the US Bank in Neosho had been robbed and that they had a suspect in custody. They also advised that he was admitting to being involved in several armed robberies in the four state area. Investigators with the JPD then interviewed the suspect in Neosho. Based upon the suspect's description, physical evidence obtained and the suspect's statement, charges will be sought against the suspect in the following armed robbery incidents in Joplin:

The suspect has been identified as Richard A. Bratt, a 57 year old male from the Diamond, MO area.

Doreen Finnie contributed to this report.

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