Joplin Police detail modus operandi for thieves
July 07, 2010
During the months of May and June 2010 there were 106 residential burglaries that occurred in Joplin. An analysis of the burglaries shows that 61% of the burglaries occurred between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The remaining 39% of the burglaries that occurred either were outside of normal working hours or occurred while the victim was out of town.

Many times, the suspects will go to homes where it appears that nobody is home. They will knock on the front door. If anyone answers the door, then they will ask for someone and when they are told that the person does not live there, they leave. If nobody answers the door then the suspects will many times go to the rear of the residence and find a way to enter the home.

If citizens encounter this type of situation, they are encouraged to call the Joplin Police Department or their local law enforcement immediately. Provide a description of the suspect(s) along with the direction that they are travelling. Do not try to detain anyone.

Anyone with any information on possible suspects is encouraged to contact Detective Josh Myers at (417) 623-3132, Ext. 352. Citizens may also submit any information on our website under "Reports and Activities/Wanted Persons."

Information may also be given to Crime Stoppers at (417) 782-TIPZ (8479) or through their web-site here.

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