Joplin Police Blotter: Identity theft victims
December 13, 2010

The Joplin Police Department on December 8, 2010, arrested Alice H. Sims, 29, of Joplin, pictured, after she attempted to sell an infant on craigslist. Sims subsequently was charged with felony stealing in Jasper County. Through further investigation it was determined that Sims may be connected to numerous incidents of identity theft in the Joplin area.

UPDATE: On December 13, 2010 Wilks Sims, pictured at right, was arrested in connection with an investigation into possible identity theft. He was arrested for Trafficking in Stolen Identities and for Identity Theft. His wife Alice Sims also was arrested for Trafficking in Stolen Identities, Identity Theft, and Forgery. Alice Sims remains in custody at the Jasper County Jail.

This is an ongoing investigation and it is anticipated that more charges against these subjects will follow as more victims are identified.

The department asks for assistance in locating any of the following individuals who may unknowingly have been the victim of identity theft:

The names are: Ben Andreatta, Leona E. Anger, Lori Barton, Randy Blehm, Tommy L. Bolyard, Lea Bonsack, Norma Bossart, Shawn Bouchard, Raymond A.D. Bouray, Christopher Bricker, Tom Browning, James Buchanan, Andrew C. Burt, Ivron Butler, Donny L. Cain, Mitchell Callahan, Andrew Carpenter, Alisha Charlton, George Curtis, Stephanie Curtis, Melinda Dodson, Dennis J. Donsey, David Dotson, Kevin Drake, Chuck Duncan, Ron Duncan, Roberty Ely, Stephen J. Engleman, Diana Ethridge, Richard K. Graham, Ernest Grovenburg, Christopher E. Harbaugh, Howard Hazley, David Helton, Mitchell D. Heyen, David Hicks, Charles Hilker, Wally Holtman, John Honeycutt, Michael Howerton, Debra Hudson, Perry L. Johnson III, Raymond G. Keen, Ashley C. Kerr, Kristopher Kirk, Linda Lipscomb (Tilley), Ryan Mahler, John E. Marlar, Harrell D. Mayfield, Mitchell S. McDonald, Kahn W. McLeod, Ricky Moore, Shelia D. Mossman, Victoria E. Mossman, Ronald W. Myers, Eloy Nunez, Robert G. Offutt, Howard Parish, Rick Peggram Jr., Richard Perkey, Michael Earl Pinkman, Melissa Randolph, Wayne Richardson, Randy Riggs, Wanda Rossman, James W. Scrivner, Jim Scott, Jason Skaggs, James Thompson, Richard Trotter, Robert Truester, Sidney Tweedy, Lehi S. Varela, Gregg Votaw, Logan C. West, Tammy L. West, Stephen G. Wisener, Brian Williams, James A. Williams, Donald J. Young, and John Young.

Anyone on the list is encouraged to contact Detective William Davis by phoning (417) 623-3131, ext. 446, or by sending an e-mail here.

Also, anyone who has been a recent victim of identity theft involving the opening of cellular telephone accounts also is encouraged to contact the Joplin Police Department.

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