Nixon vetoes bill to change voter rules
June 18, 2011
State Sen. Bill Stouffer (R-Napton) shares his disappointment over Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's veto of one of his top pieces of legislation from the 2011 legislative session. Senate Bill 3 was a way to bring Missouri into the 21st Century," Stouffer said. "We have to have a picture ID to rent a movie or send something via UPS, but we don't need one to vote. With his veto today, it's a shame the governor doesn't understand the necessity of this bill to fight voter fraud."

Senate Bill 3 established guidelines for voter ID regulations in Missouri. Its companion legislation, Senate Joint Resolution 2, would have put the proposal on the Missouri ballot in November 2012. Also included in SB 3 was legislation that would have allowed early voting in Missouri.

"A lot of us put months of effort into crafting this bill to include various issues in the state, including early voting provisions," Stouffer said. "Now, all of this hard work has been tossed aside by a single action. I'm hoping the Legislature will vote to override this veto when the Missouri General Assembly meets for veto session in September."

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