Cargill joinsFERAF to fight electric rate hikes
March 25, 2013
Jefferson City – Cargill joined the Fair Energy Rate Action Fund (FERAF) today (Mar. 25, 2013) as the organization’s newest board member. Cargill, with 142,000 employees worldwide and annual energy expenditures exceeding $1 billion, cited rising electric rates and the threat of a newly proposed electric surcharge in the Missouri legislature as the reason for joining FERAF.

FERAF, a diverse coalition of residential and business utility consumers, advocates for reliable, low-cost energy. The group is active in the ratemaking process through the Missouri Public Service Commission and in the Missouri General Assembly on legislation affecting utility rates.

The Missouri General Assembly currently is considering legislation that would allow Missouri’s investor-owned utilities to place an expensive new surcharge on their customers’ electric bills. This new surcharge would bypass the traditional ratemaking process that has served Missouri consumers well for generations. The legislation also allows changes in state law so that for the first time ratepayers are the ones responsible for the cost overruns of these utilities. This legislation would cost ratepayers hundreds of millions of dollars, according to FERAF’s latest analysis

“From the smallest farming operations to one of the largest agricultural companies in the world, the availability and cost of electricity has a direct impact on all of us in agriculture,” said Eric Hoegger, Cargill Director of Retail Power Origination. “This proposed new electric surcharge, coupled with rising electric rates, will hurt farmers throughout Missouri and depress economic growth. We are pleased to join with the other consumers in FERAF to advocate for energy policies that protect all of us who depend on low-cost, reliable electricity on a daily basis.”

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