St. John's announces locations of physicians
June 03, 2011
St. Johnís Clinic patients may visit their physicians at a variety of locations around the Joplin area.

Available locations for health care include:

The major health plans serving the Joplin area will pay benefits in-network whether patients have been cared for by St. Johnís or Freeman in the past. The electronic health record system is back online connecting the new hospital and all Mercy sites of service.

Listing of physicians

Serving at Memorial Hall are:

(cardiologists)Bateman, Renee FNPO-C; Corcoran, Francis MD; Craig, William MD; Cupp, Brenda FNP-C; De Hoyos, Jose MD; Gaytan, Rafael MD; Hoff, James MD; Sabapathy, Shawn MD; Smalling, Ron MD; Wolf, Richard MD. Moore, (Thomas MD is serving at the Carthage Clinic.)

(Endocrinologist) Shull, Grethen MD

(ENT & Allergist) McDonald, R. Hilton DO

(Family practitioners) Bruce, Maria MD; Dailey J. Wayne DO; Smith, Dennis MD

(Gastroenterologist) Wu, Xujun (John) MD

(General surgeons) Buchele, Alan MD, White, Adam PA

(Infectious disease specialists) Esguerra, Eden MD; Sleiman, Nicole MD

(Internal medicine specialists) Ballard, Dewey Md; Boda, Mohd MD

(Neurosciences specialists) Bear, Taylor MD; Curtis, Brian MD; Majzoub, Hish MD; Seidel, Brenda FNP-C

(Physical Medicine specialist) Schneider, Deborah Md

(Pulmonary specialists) Ahmed, Syed Md; Nawab, Qurrat-Ul-Ain "Annie" MD; Saad, Toufic "Tony" MD; Subramanian, Sitaraman MD

(Surgical oncologist) Bieligk, Samuel MD

The wound care-hyperbaric center is located in the lower level of Memorial Hall staffed by Newman, Joseph MD.

Serving at St. John's Express Care are: Chrisco, Julie FNP-C; Fountaine, Andra FNP-C; King, Glen DO; Russell, Judith FNP-C; Santiago, R MD; and Stapp, Julie FNP-C.

Family practice physicians/nurse practitioners are scattered in these locations: (St. John's Medical Group Oswego) Bortmes, Phillip DO and Draeger, Eiesha FNP-C; (St. John's Clinic Webb City) Cramer, Randall DO; (St. John's Medical Group Columbus) Drennan, Cara PA - Durham, Michael DO - Marshall, Diane PA; (St. John's Clinic Neosho) Hargett, Walter, MD - New, Lisa FNO-C - Pumphrey, Susan FNP-C; (Calvary Baptist Church) Hamilton, Thomas DO; (St. John's Clinic Carthage) Kennedy, Mary DO - Kennedy, Russ DO - Wagoner, Chad MD.

General surgeons at 3301 N. Range Line Rd., Suite D, Joplin are Dandridge, W.C. MD; Dodson, Robert MD; Ro, Charles MD. They may be reached at (417) 781-4404.

Internal Medical practitioner at the St. John's Neosho Clinic is Rankin, Dale DO.

Serving at Life Choices for obstetrics and gynecology are Chowdhury, Julia MD and Sloan, Jason DO

Oncologists and hematologists at 3001 McClelland Blvd., Joplin are Croy, David MD - LaFrancis, Irving MD - Skelley, Dennis MD.

Dr. Scott Clarke is handling pain management at 1229 E. Seminole St., Springfield; phone (417) 820-2064.

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