Student seeks local peace activists
March 15, 2008
To the editor:

I am a local (Joplin Area) student, with strong opinions against the current war, and war in general.

I heard your name in conjunction with the "Joplin Independent" (very nice) online publication, and again when I was asking around as to who might be involved in the local anti-war movement. The Peace Network of the Ozarks suggested I get in contact with you, and said you might know more about the local peace movement.

As far as I can tell, there isn't one in Joplin. That bothers me, deeply. I would like to help raise community awareness of the costs of war. By costs I mean not only the tolls exacted on our troops or our national budget, but also the civilian loss of life in Iraq and Afghanistan (by some reports over a million dead) and the eroding of civil liberties in the United States.

I am relatively young, and wasn't around during the Vietnam War. Maybe this is a different situation. Maybe this current crisis will sort itself out, and the world will go back to a state of peace on it's own.

I am not willing to sit idly by however, waiting for things to fix themselves. I believe that we are approaching a critical moment in America, and the people should have a say in it. This is our chance as citizens to make our opposition to senseless war for profit known.

I would like to help out with the local peace movement. If there isn't one, it's a good time to start one. Unfortunately, I don't really know anyone around here. I'm hoping that if no movement currently exists, you would at least know of members in the community who are politically active and wish for positive change. If you know how I can help out in the local peace movement, or if you knowof anyone active in the community, let me know.

Craig Thomas

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