Liaison chosen to funnel taxpayers' issues
January 08, 2011
A University of Missouri Extension specialist was recently selected by the treasury department to serve on the nationwide Taxpayer Advocacy Panel (TAP). Panel members listen to taxpayers, identify issues and make suggestions for improving IRS service and customer satisfaction.

Annette FitzGerald, a resident of Branson and a family financial education specialist with the Extension, is one of 100 volunteers serving on the panel. She will represent local taxpayers as well as work on national issues.

TAP members devote up to 500 hours yearly to the panel. Members work with IRS executives on priority topics and also serve as a conduit for grassroots issues between the public and the IRS. Some of the professionals represented on the panel include teachers, engineers, attorneys, public administrators, homemakers, accountants, law enforcement officers, professors, retired military and small business owners.

"The new panel members pay a critical role by helping to ensure the IRS provides quality taxpayer service to all taxpayers," said Nina Olson, IRS national taxpayer advocate and head of the Taxpayer Advocate Service. "As the IRS remains committed to improving services and assistance to taxpayers, the input from citizen volunteers at TAP has never been more important. The Taxpayer Advocate Service is committed to making sure the IRS seeks out and considers panel members' views of key initiatives impacting taxpayers before decisions are made."

Taxpayers with issues should contact Annette FitzGerald and the Taxpayer Advocacy Panel by phoning (888) 912-1227, via the Internet here or writing to: Taxpayer Advocacy Panel Area 5, 211 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WI 53203-2221.

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