Has the majority become degraded?
July 01, 2003
To the editor:

I speak now for the millions of Americans who recoil every time the Supreme Court betrays their interests. White America, has watched their elected and non elected political leaders systematically dismantle the country that they had carved out since the Revolutionary War.

American made products used to mean something because they were the best the world had to offer. We have watched our leaders encourage big business to diversify across the globe by moving their businesses off shore because of cheap labor. Instead of using the United States as a pattern for the rest of the world, they have taken our prosperity and given it to others before our very eyes.

What I’m about to say will shock you and anger some, but it is never-the-less a truth. Everything that minorities have in this country was given to them by the White man. African America would not exist in its present form, and most blacks would still be making their houses out of mud and grass.

What I’m saying is, if not for the manifest destiny of the white man, the world would be in a sorry state of affairs technologically--that is, unless God had stepped in to bless some other race in the absence of the white man. If there had been no white man created, then, I’m sure, God would have put the leadership of the world in another's hand.

I’m sure that jealousy and envy have a lot to do with the present hatred of whites by minorities in this country. And I’m sure that I’m not speaking for all minorities but the most, for sure. Our leaders have enacted laws that keep white America from defending itself against a premeditated assault on our prosperity and culture. They even have us so indoctrinated and intimidated that we actually are afraid to express opinions, such as this, for fear of being called racist. If you want to call me racist, as defined by most, then be my guest. I probably am. That doesn’t mean I want to bash others, or do away with them, or hate them. I just think that as a race the white man has earned more respect and honor than he’s getting today. You forget what got you here and gave you all the opportunities you have; even if those opportunities are less than others, you still should be thankful, instead of resentful. And we should all thank God that he chose someone to carve out the civilized modern world we have.

Don Nuzum

Ripley, West Virginia

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