Blunt/Kirk bill to bolster military readiness
May 20, 2005
--"We have to maintain our commitment to a fully-integrated force"--

The Amerians in Uniform Act - H.R. 2484 introduced today

WASHINGTON-House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO) has launched an effort to maintain America's integrated, all-volunteer military in order to fight and win the global War on Terror. Along with Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL), Blunt introduced the Americans in Uniform Act, legislation designed to improve U.S. military readiness and address the growing demands of the War on Terror.

"Brave Americans join the Guard and Reserves to make their skills available to our nation during times of crisis or particular need---not to serve in the permanent forces," Blunt said. "In January I laid out my principles for maintaining an all-volunteer military. This legislation is the result of my firm belief that we have to maintain our commitment to a fully integrated force by ensuring that all components of the military are adequately resourced, trained, prepared, and ready to accomplish their mission."

The Americans in Uniform Act (HR 2484) would: