Respect for civil and political liberties
September 13, 2004
Dear Editor:

I trust local citizens will rise up against the fluoridation tyranny...This is more about freedom and accountable government than about health.

Bandaid pseudo health measures mask some real proper nutrition and diet for our children. Poverty also is a real issue. This is a photo taken in our local water treatment plant. It shows the effects of H2SiF6; a caustic, corrosive toxic waste, hydrofluosilicic acid eats through the pipes.

One must question what this substance does to our delicate immune systems, even when diluted...The travesty is that people are not given good information, nor given a choice.

Fluoride is a cash cow for dentists... there are some dentists in Calgary who have ethical fluoride-free/amalgam-free practices...Wow...there is a concept...professionals with integrity!

Fay Ash

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"The day will come when the progress of nations will be judged not by their military or economic strength, nor by the splendour of their capital cities and public buildings, but by the well-being of their peoples: by their levels of health, nutrition and education; by their opportunities to earn a fair reward for their labours; by their ability to participate in the decisions that affect their lives; by the respect that is shown for their civil and political liberties; by the provision that is made for those who are vulnerable and disadvantaged; and by the protection that is afforded to the growing minds and bodies of their children."

--Peter Adamson of UNICEF (Preamble to Progress of Nations Report l993. Report following up on promises made at World Summit for Children 1990)

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