What's in your pocket?
February 03, 2008
We all know this is one of the most critical elections in quite a few years. People are angry over various issues, and are going to go vote or bust. I have no doubt this primary election on February 5, 2008 may even be bigger than some of the previous general elections.

It is so unfortunate that the media is currently letting the candidates get away with avoiding the war issue. The candidates are now treating it as if it is almost an afterthought, and shame on them, but the wave that is rolling now to replace the supporters of criminals will ultimately bring them to focus on the single most important issue that has caused such terrible destruction, loss of life, and disgrace to America in the eyes of the world.

I have something in my pocket that I will read undoubtedly standing in line in the crowd, but I will keep it to myself to make sure I correctly obey the rules of the polling place. How could we better describe the company that some people keep than showing a resume of their leader. Maybe, you'd like to make a copy of it and vote your conscience.

Autobiography of George W. Bush

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