Why vote "blue"
August 20, 2008
The time of "nit-natting" of favorite secondary issues is over. We may not like every single thing done or said by a candidate on every issue, but we must realize there is no such thing as a perfect candidate. Why risk wasting a vote that could be a net positive stroke for a direly needed net improvement compared to the alternative of the same old crap from authoritarian leaders continuing forward should the "NeoMcCainCon" ticket win.

I am going to vote straight "blue" ticket at every level of government because I just can't support even a good candidate from the most corrupt Republican Party in the history of our country. I am not going to fool around wasting my vote, or splitting my ballot, and will be aiming it directly at the best viable choice. For the damage they have done to our country over eight years, the Republican Party deserves to be punished as severely as possible at ballot boxes nationwide.

I urge my friends and neighbors, and anybody listening, to vote for Barak Obama and every other Democratic candidate on the ballot. First things first. We can work on cleaning out the Democratic deadwood at the next election.

I view voting in the November 2008 election as the first of a multi-part process to try to establish the best government possible and to eliminate the current un-American subversive elements of the Republican Party that want to destroy the Constitution in favor of a fascist form of government, whether it is corporatism or the phony religion of the radical extremists.

The election is going to be huge. Consequently, our country needs all the grass roots help we can provide on the grass roots level in assisting the efforts of the campaigns of the best choices we have. At this point all the good American history is water under the bridge if the Republicans win the White House.

That's my two cents, and my personal thanks to all for what you already do in the effort to restore the balance needed in America. Let's help as best we can.

Commentary by Dave Davison

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