Neosho offers more transparency for its citizens
March 09, 2010
The city of Neosho has announced the debut of Tracker, a powerful tool that allows its citizens to communicate with the city at their convenience. The Request Tracker offers website visitors a method to easily report problems and to track the progress of these issues to resolutions.

Citizens will log on to the city’s web site here and click on the “Request for Service” button to the left. They will then create their own unique profiles, each select one of the many forms available, submit their requests, view pending issues, and even reopen a closed issue.

City staff will be assigned to address issues that are within their areas of concern, reassign the problems, post details concerning the issues, send messages to the constituents reporting the problems and to eventually mark the issues as closed.

This new aspect of the web site will be introduced at the Neosho Chamber Business & Industry Review scheduled for March 12-13, 2010 at Neosho High School. Citizens will be able to tour the site, log on and create their profiles at that time.

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