Should US citizens be trusted with weapons?
December 30, 2007
Within December, we’ve seen a private citizen stop a madman wielding a rifle and a thousand rounds of ammunition from possibly killing hundreds of people. The liberal media is spinning this as if she was a paid, trained security guard. This was not the case. She was simply an armed citizen that agreed to participate in an impromptu “security detail” due to a similar shooting across town.

Most of the horrific recent shootings have occurred where our God given right to self defense is denied. How can a reasonable person believe that trampling the rights of law abiding citizens will have any effect on a criminal’s will to commit a crime? Criminals, by definition, do not obey laws. So the only effect of gun control is to create a target rich environment where a maniacal killer can operate free from fear of a law abiding citizen. I think of “gun control” as being synonymous with “criminal protection.”

Commentary by Daniel Gilbert

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