Constituent slams attitude of Sen. Bond's staff
June 01, 2005
To the Editor:

I telephoned Senator Bond's Washington office to tell him how I felt about the Patriot Act and the renewal of those provisions due to expire in 2005. I also am concerned about the Senate Intelligence Committee, of which Bond is a member, making these decisions in closed sessions. His office aide was very rude and argumentative, telling me why I was wrong not to support the Patriot Act. I have heard from others that they had the same experience, both at the Washington and Springfield office. Apparently, Bond does not wish to hear from people who disagree with his position.

Aren't aides supposed to respectfully listen to all opinions and then report this to our representatives? Is it still a democracy when elected representatives simply don't want to hear from constituents who disagree with them?

Doris Ewing,


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Not a democracy, but a Republictammy177502005-07-07 05:57:25