Hog & cattle farms with no smell
July 19, 2007
To the editor:

From the Kansas City Star [Joplin Independent article is here], I just became aware of the question of Dennis and Chrissy Gessling's proposal to build a hog farm near Arrow Rock, MO.

The big question that arose was the terrible smell that is usually present with such operations. One of the best-kept secrets in the Midwest (and also seems to be unknown to the Gesslings) seems to be that a system exists that can (1) completely prevent the noxious smell, (2) prevent environmental pollution, [it uses no chemicals] and (3) costs less than existing systems that don't really work. This system is in use at several cattle farms in California, Washington, and Oregon, getting completely rid of the offensive odors within two weeks of installation--and it also produces useful fertilizers instead of noxious ammonia and hydrogen sulfide fumes. It is in use at some properties of Clint Eastwood in the Monterey Peninsula because it also clears up the algae overgrowth in the ponds on his golf courses.

Information about this system can be found on the web site www.circul8.com. The developer, a successful large farmer near Reardon, WA, is Gary Wegner, and the science behind the system is explained by Frederick Troeh, retired professor of agronomy at Iowa State University.

Frederick happens to be my brother, and Gary our cousin, but neither Frederick nor I have any financial interest in Gary's system, though we of course enjoy seeing him succeed.. Believe it or not, my priincipal interest is in seeing solutions to problems such as those between the Gesslings, their potential neighbors and regulatory agencies.

I am a retired physician living in Missouri, and am interested in the happenings around my home state.

M. Richard Troeh, MD,
Independence, MO

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