Beware of fraudulent Third Thursday contest
April 30, 2014
It has recently been reported to the Joplin Police Department that citizens were contacted via mail about a fraudulent Third Thursday Contest. The message reportedly is a scam or a hoax, according to the Downtown Joplin Alliance, Third Thursday organizer. Anyone having received a similar notification should file a report with the Joplin Police Department.

The Joplin Police Department, and the city of Joplin along with Downtown Joplin Alliance will continue working together to keep Third Thursday safe for everyone. The Joplin Police Department would like to remind its citizens that unscrupulous individuals are constantly bombarding citizens with fraudulent requests and scams in an attempt to lure unsuspecting people out of their money, and that might include scams dealing with remediation after a tornado outbreak.

"Please be mindful who is seeking donations and for what purpose," warns Lt. Charla Geller. "More information about charity frauds may be found on our Joplin Police Department webpage."

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