Definition of marriage needs re-bolstering
February 28, 2004
Marriage: the uniting of one man and one woman for life. That has been the only definition of marriage for thousands of years. Suddenly, a small group of liberal elitists have appointed themselves supreme and above the rule of law. They wrote their own definition of marriage. What will be redefined next…liberty? “Life” has already been redefined to exclude the unborn. Where will it stop?

This small group who redefined marriage has fallen into the same trap that ensnared Adam and Eve in the ancient garden. They have believed the lie that men can become “as God, knowing [i.e. deciding] good and evil.” These have decreed that what has always been immoral is now moral. They have made wrong out to be right and right out to be wrong. Today, just as then, every choice has consequences. Usually, the consequences are born by later generations.

This marriage crisis has dominated recent news broadcasts. A national news program, just this morning, interviewed two spokespersons representing the two major political parties. I listened intently as the conservative expressed outrage that “four activist judges” would try to redefine marriage irrespective of law, constitution, or majority opinion. However, the other political party spokesperson claimed that we “must have activist judges” because the people cannot be trusted to do the right thing. No wonder she favors four jurists over a government that is designed to be “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” That is probably unthinkable to her. We should express a national outcry over such a public position.

The Missouri House of Reprentatives plans to debate a Constitutional amendment this Session to fully define marriage according to tradition and natural law. Some claim such an amendment to be unnecessary because marriage is defined by statute. However, in the face of the attacks we are observing in our land, constitutional protection is absolutely necessary. Even it may not be enough unless we individually defend what we know to be the truth about marriage and stable families

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