Judiciary hinders will of the people
December 05, 2004
We have enjoyed a month free from campaign ads, polling statistics, political pundits, and reporters who see themselves as newsmakers rather than reporters.

Approximately 2.7 million Missourians turned out to cast their votes, and those voices have been heard. Now we can focus on the true business of the political system - serving the will of the people.

Missouri’s greatest hindrance to the will of the people continues to be an imperialistic judiciary. Whether we call it “legislating from the bench,” “judicial activism,” or “elitism,” the solution is the same. The legislature must actively defend the rights of our constituents (the people). Many agree that the time has come to revive impeachment and to make changes in how future judges are selected.

We are well positioned to pursue these profound constitutional initiatives during the 93rd General Assembly. In January, 38 new members will join our legislative body. Out of those new members, Republican majorities will increase from 90 to 97 of 163 House members, and from 20 to 23 of 34 Senators. Finally, Matt Blunt was elected as Governor. I believe Governor Blunt will understand the urgent need to unseat imperial judges and restore the people to power.

Other challenges facing state government include restoring education, balancing an evolving state budget without tax increases, rebuilding Missouri’s roads, and keeping Missouri children and families safe from crime and perversion. Nevertheless, ubiquitous throughout, is the threat of an imperialist judiciary. That must become our top priority. The challenge is humbling, but with your prayers and the favor of an almighty God, it will be done.

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