Embryonic stem cell research is immoral
February 10, 2005
Your Missouri Capitol presents an encouraging picture of those who have forged Missouri history and led government. Missourians did not hesitate to acknowledge a Biblical worldview and their need for the blessing of a sovereign God. Throughout the Capitol building are marks of such a heritage.

I believe it is our duty to preserve Missouri’s godly heritage whether drafting legislation, debating ideas, advocating in the House chamber, or examining witnesses before a House committee. We must look for the truth of every issue and apply reason to draw sound conclusions. Some issues are complicated or evasive, while some are not. There is also the occasional issue that is devised to appear complex, but upon careful examination becomes clear.

Embryonic stem cell “research” is something that becomes increasingly simple and clear the more it is examined. The facts have convinced me that banning this cloning process is absolutely the right thing for Missouri.

Comentary by Missouri Rep. Ed Emery (R-126)

Righteousness exalteth a nation

--Missouri Capitol rotunda engraving

One way to clarify the stem cell question is by contrasting embryonic versus adult stem cell research. They are fundamentally different. Adult stem cells are not related to cloning and have no moral or ethical complications. Embryonic cells, on the other hand, impose deep-seated moral and ethical questions whether you call the process cloning, nuclear transfer, or SCNT (somatic cell nuclear transfer). Each is just another label for cloning. In order to use these stem cells, the cell must be split (killed).

Secondly, adult stem cell research has been used extensively and successfully in the treatment of spinal cord injury, leukemia, and Parkinson’s disease. Embryonic stem cells, conversely, have produced absolutely no successful therapies for human beings. After 20 years, there is nothing to demonstrate any medical value. Where would you put your money?

Finally, research is a zero-sum game. In other words, dollars and research hours will go either to the very successful study of adult stem cells, or they will be consumed on embryonic stem cell studies that have shown no success, but seem to be the mysterious choice of mainstream scientists. Do a GOOGLE search on Dr. Kathy Mitchell or author Lynde Langdon, and examine how the focus on embryonic cells is gobbling up funding and research. Embryonic stem cell studies are not just non-productive, they are counter-productive! Missouri deserves better.

If researchers want to bury their heads in the sand and reject successful science for failed science, let them. But let them pursue their pipe dreams elsewhere. Let's promote research in Missouri that is already saving and restoring lives. We have neither the time nor the tax-dollars for both.


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