Gobal warming: the real fear factor
August 11, 2008

The truth...the whole truth
by Missouri Rep. Ed Emery (R-126 including the counties of
Barton, Dade, Jasper and Polk)

The impact on temperature per unit carbon dioxide actually goes down, not up, with increasing CO2. The role of anthropogenic greenhouse gases is not directly related to the emissions rate or even CO2 levels, which is what the legislation is hitting on, but rather to the impact of these gases on the greenhouse effect. --Richard Lindzen, MIT professor of atmospheric science

The discussions about global warming (recently re-labeled "climate change" because the earth's temperature has gone down, not up) are far more about politics than science. As the fight continues, change proponents are finding it is their own platform that is melting. Science and study continue eroding their climate-change views and leaving them ever less credible.

But, apart from the arguments over whether warming is occurring, the more alarming discussion centers on the "solutions" being discussed. Upon examination, most of them propose to impoverish Americans without any measurable impact on climate. We should all be asking more questions and insisting on answers. The demand that we should not quibble over solutions when disaster is imminent and gargantuan has lost all credibility.

I wonder if you have seen the following information in the printed or broadcast media:

The Kyoto treaty and other political responses to climate change have not been prioritized for maximum impact. Most are politically rather than reason driven. They are akin to treating a rabid dog with a gold flea collar. The cost is enormous, the impact is suspect and minimal at best, but somebody is making a killing on the sale.

Panic: "a sudden feeling of fear or anxiety...that comes on suddenly, is overwhelming, appears to be uncontrollable, and may seem to be unfounded" In any crisis, we are wisely warned not to panic, but we are being encouraged to panic over the climate? Someone may be trying to create a market for gold flea collars. Let the buyer beware.

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