John McCain--an independent Republican
August 28, 2008

Presidential election 2008--Getting it right
by Missouri Rep. Ed Emery (R-126 including the counties of
Barton, Dade, Jasper and Polk)

"Republicans lugged money, fame and promise into their race for the presidential nomination. One of them carried his own bags, tooled around New Hampshire with a few volunteers, flew commercial and won." --Calvin Woodward, AP, "McCain's campaign nourished by humble pie"

Even with the right president there will be policy fights; but with the right president, we will fight over the right things. We won't fight over whether life is precious or whether Americans have a right to own guns. We won't fight over whether America needs a strong military or whether the free market drives innovation better than central planning in Washington. We may debate how best to protect the unborn or how best to win a war or pursue economic prosperity. But with the right president, we won't argue over the fundamentals.

I recently met with Senator Tom Coburn of Oklahoma and he answered my questions about John McCain. John McCain gets the fundamentals right. The more I learn of his character and experience, the more enthused I become about his presidency. He loves this country and the U.S. Constitution and has proven true to his oath to protect it. Senator McCain believes in the personal liberties he fought and suffered to defend. He has repeatedly placed his own political aspirations second to doing what he believes is right even if it occasionally frustrates some of us in his own party. He is not afraid to lead and is willing to stand alone for what is right.

Finally, John McCain has the personal courage and confidence to change his mind when he is wrong. In other words, he is persuadable. Whether he is standing alone for a troop surge in Iraq or redefining his commitment to protect U.S. borders and stop illegal immigration, once he knows all the facts, John McCain has the courage, the integrity, and the experience to lead.

In short, John McCain is not a slave to political correctness. If he thinks something needs doing, he does it. If he thinks something needs changing, he changes it. His "independence" is not rebellious or self-serving. It is refusing to float downstream if he is convinced upstream is better. I am finally convinced: America can trust John McCain and we need him as our 43rd president. I can trust him to defend America against enemies foreign and domestic and to protect the future of our children and grandchildren. On November 4th, I will vote for John McCain for president. I pray you will choose wisely.

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